Meet Sirius, the little dog who (almost) changed world history

A fox terrier makes history as a Hollywood star, circus attraction... and the Führer’s lap dog.
Dictated to him by his dog Louis – Sirius's grandson – Jonathan Crown has at last made this inspiring story available to the non-canine population.

We are delighted to publish Sirius by Jonathan Crown this summer. 

Conquering the Universe, one Galaxy at a Time

1975 is now a long time ago, some 40 years before millions of us teared up at the sight of an old man in the Millennium Falcon, before anyone had heard of a holiday called “May the Fourth be with you.” But that’s the year when a young director named George Lucas and his producer, Gary Kurtz, were trying to convince their sceptical studio, 20th Century Fox, to approve a modest budget for their next movie, then called “The Star Wars.”

HoZ win Digital Business of the Year

We were thrilled to be named Digital Business of the Year at The Bookseller Industry Awards last night. 

Praised for our sales growth, impressive profitability, as well as digitally savvy marketing and balancing of digital and print, the judges said: “Head of Zeus has a simple but brilliant plan that it executes consistently well.”

MysteriousPress launches in print in the UK

Today, we launched MysteriousPress in paperback editions on Amazon in addition to the current eBook editions. is the world’s foremost specialist crime list. Founded by Otto Penzler in 1975, it represents the best from a century of mystery writing with authors such as Ellery Queen, Mary Roberts Rinehart, Donald Westlake, Joseph Wambaugh, Charlotte MacLeod and Rex Stout on the list.

It ain't over til it's over...

I have been working with my new editor for three months now, rewriting and editing my new book, The Dress. I’ve never been through such a forensic, painstaking and, at times, painful process but it has been worth it. I moved publishing houses to work with Head of Zeus' brilliant, insightful and talented editor who, among others, has worked with Maeve Binchy and the recently deceased Colleen McCollough. Even though it has been an adjustment getting into the swing of new ways of working, I feel privileged to have been given this opportunity.

Caroline Ridding to Join HoZ

Caroline Ridding is to join Head of Zeus in August 2015 to set up a new fiction imprint. The imprint – to be called Aria – will publish original full-length mass-market fiction from both new and established authors mainly – but not solely – in ebook format. Caroline – who was the bookbuyer for Tesco and then the founder and publisher of the Avon imprint at HarperCollins – has had a highly successful career in both the retailing and publishing of commercial fiction, building a multi-million pound business with generous double-digit profit margins. Her authors included at least three Sunday Times bestsellers and dominated the Bookseller Heatseeker chart.

My First London Book Fair!

Today is all about preparation for the London Book Fair, you know the kind of thing, packing clothes for my days away from home… I have just seen that I still have a half packed case from last weeks excursions, which is a bonus! Now I just need to top up the toothpaste, pop a clean nightie in and a pair of flatties for when the heels start to pinch and job’s a goodun as we say down here in the West Country. 
I do however, need to write a list of instructions for the children I am leaving home alone, you know the list – 

London, the chameleon city

Lesley Thomson grew up in west London, close to the banks of the muddy Thames. Her detective novels are inspired by that childhood. As she visits London for the day, walking and travelling on the Underground from the Old Bailey to Richmond, she reflects on how London has always been a chameleon city.
I was born in London and now live in the country. When I return, granite kerbstones, the warm dusty smell of the Underground, the Festival Hall reflected in the Thames, tell me I’m a Londoner. Yet I’m also a visitor, astonished by the Shard, excited by the Houses of Parliament and the bright lights of Shaftsbury Avenue.

Your Story, Her Words competition

We are joining forces with national charity The Reading Agency to launch an exciting competition. We hope ‘Your Story Her Words’ will encourage everyday people to share their own stories.

The competition offers everyone who enters the chance to have his or her own personal, extraordinary story be the inspiration for bestselling author Amanda Prowse’s next story, and become a real-life literary hero or heroine!