Black Dog Summer by Miranda Sherry

Editorial Director Laura Palmer at Head of Zeus has pre-empted world rights to the debut novel of South African author Miranda Sherry from Oli Munson at AM Heath for a six-figure sum.

Set against the heat and dramatic landscape of a South African summer, BLACK DOG SUMMER is a gripping and emotional story about a mother who is brutally murdered in a farmstead killing and must then watch from the heavens as her traumatized daughter moves in with her aunt’s dysfunctional family.

Blown away by Dani Atkins' debut

On 7th November we published Dani Atkins' debut novel FracturedWe took it to the bloggers to see what they thought and the response was incredible.

At HoZ, we get to work with some fantastic digital reviewers -- the very best in science fiction, historical fiction, crime and other genres. But as our list of women's fiction and romance grows I set about getting to know some new faces. The response was great, from the biggest websites to the smallest new bloggers, everyone was very friendly and happy to support us.

Once they got the book, things really got going! Below are just some examples of the fantastic responses that warmed our hearts. Thank you so much to all.

HoZ welcomes Christopher Bland

We are delighted to announce that we will be publishing Sir Christopher Bland's debut novel Ashes in the Wind next autumn.

Christopher is a former Chairman of the BBC, BT and The Royal Shakespeare Company. Ashes in the Wind is an epic story that interweaves the destinies of the Anglo-Irish Burkes and the Catholic Irish Sullivans from 1919 to 2010. HoZ will publish in hardback and ebook in September 2014.

Music for Time Travellers

Not content with being the biggest and best collection of time travel stories ever written, The Time Traveller's Almanac is also the aspiring time traveller's everything-you-need-know guide to the intricacies of adventuring in the fourth dimension. From Top Tips on paradox avoidance to brief run down of the physics involved, from fashion advice to music to time travel to. And all this in a mere 948 pages!  

So this week we'll be strapping on our chronodynamic headphones and tuning in to this Spotify playlist (or click read more below for an embedded playlist) of music to transport you through time. Next week we'll be looking at time travel fashion in partnership with ASOS.

Dani Atkins on writing Fractured

First love is a strange and exhilarating experience. Pretty much everyone will have a first love somewhere in their past. If you're really lucky (and I think this is probably rare) you might even get to grow old and grey with yours. But for most of us - those who don't live in a fairy story - your first love is probably just an enduring and very special memory. However the romance ended, whether it was their decision or yours, there will always be something special and almost sacrosanct about the relationship.

Hanna Jameson on her CWA John Creasey shortlisting

It has got to the point where my early twenties have become so surreal, that when it was announced Something You Are was nominated for the CWA John Creasey Dagger Award, my parents and I almost just shrugged and smiled. It took a good month or so for the gravity of the nomination to sink in, and now I wish it hadn't because for the last couple of weeks I've turned into a walking panic attack with the attention span of a coked-up hamster.

Mark Oldfield on his CWA Steel Dagger award shortlist

When I decided to be a writer at the age of twenty two, I set off to Paris, installed myself in a garret with a typewriter that cost me £19 from Argos and two bottles of wine from the Algerian store on the corner. I even got some writing done, though it mainly consisted of letters to home asking for money. For a long time I imagined being a writer. For a long time it didn’t happen.

HoZ buys The Swimmer

HoZ have snapped up one of the hottest pre-Frankfurt books, Swedish debut The Swimmer by Joakim Zander. Editorial Director Laura Palmer bought UK and Commonwealth rights at auction as part of a two-book deal from Astri Von Arbrin Ahlander at The Ahlander Agency.

Rights to this much talked about debut novel were recently sold at auction in 18 countries, including HarperCollins US who bought the book for a seven-figure sum.