Who is the Real Lesley Thomson?

E-watchers everywhere will have watched with awe the clash of titans that has been played out in recent days at the head of Amazon UK’s Kindle bestseller list. At dusk on the evening of Monday 1 July a crime writer going by the name of Lesley Thomson broke, seemingly from nowhere, to wrest the number one position from a self-help book promoting sex-free Tuesdays.

Traitor's Gate

I may have mentioned once or twice that Traitor's Gate is a really fantastic book - well here are some more people who agree:

'Brilliant! Loved it beginning to end. Traitor's Gate delivers on every level: the writing is typical top-calibre Ridpath, the pace relentless, the research impeccable, the characters compelling and beautifully crafted. Every page is a gem.'  Craig Russell

Exciting news from HoZ

We are delighted to announce that Amanda Ridout will join Head of Zeus, as our C.E.O. and Publisher this September.

Anthony, who turned 70 earlier this year, will relinquish his executive role at the company in January 2014 whilst remaining in place as Chairman.

Amanda said ‘ I am delighted to join the team at such an exciting time in the company’s development. After just a year in existence they have already got a strong list of authors and I look forward to building on these foundations to establish a new force in independent publishing.

Plotting to kill Hitler

Did you know that on 28 September 1938 a group of heavily armed storm troopers were holed up in apartments in Central Berlin waiting for the order to seize the Reich Chancellery and arrest Adolf Hitler?  That the Commander-in-Chief of the Wehrmacht was prepared to issue the order to army units surrounding Berlin to occupy the city and disarm the SS?  That the British Prime Minister knew about these plans and yet chose to ignore them?  And finally that the coup, due to be launched at 2pm, was called off at noon when Hitler finally agreed to Chamberlain’s suggestion that a conference be calle

Worlds are complicated

A. J. (Tony) Smith has been an avid player of fantasy role-playing games for many years, since he could swing a sword and cast a fireball. He created the world of THE BLACK GUARD over many games and epic plotlines, testing its architecture and characters through interaction with his players, before writing it all down. He tells us why…

Worlds are complicated. Our own is so filled with contradictions, mysteries, conflicts, beauty and general chaos that to summarise it would seem simplistic and possibly naïve.

The pen is bloodier than the sword: CrimeFest 2013

I spent last weekend at CrimeFest in Bristol – a convention for crime and mystery writers and readers, “where the pen is bloodier than the sword”, to quote their tagline.

I’ve been going there ever since it started, and I always love it. Mixing with mystery writers and readers from all over the world, entertained by a varied programme of panels and author interviews, catching up with old friends and making new ones, and talking about books and writing till the cows came home…what better way to spend a long weekend?

Now a Major Motion Picture...

Behind the Candelabra, reportedly the film that was 'too gay' for Hollywood, reportedly the final film from director Steven Soderbergh, premieres at the Cannes film festival on 21 May, on HBO in the US on 26 May, in cinemas in the UK on 7 June. And just to prove that you can't have too much of a good thing, the book on which the film is based is out from HoZ on the 7 June too.

From The Cab

January at five-forty-five in the morning. I arrived at Earls Court station to meet the District line train driver. Transport for London had warned me that if I was late he would go. Of course he would – him and his train would leave without me. I was an hour early.