The past is the toughest assignment of them all

“Don’t you know, you can’t go home again,” as Thomas Wolfe was famously warned, but I have done so, for my writerly sins, returning at the age of thirty-five with my young family to the small rural community in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, where I grew up, to work as a journalist and writer. Over the past seven years, I’ve written six novels and still work part-time as a reporter. Along the way, I’ve had many sleepless nights and anxious hours mapping out my fictional landscape. Little did I know when I started on this journey that the past is a tougher assignment for a journalist than any war-torn hotspot around the globe.

Screen Adaptation Rights Bought to Lythell’s Two Thrillers

Jane Lythell's third novel with Head of Zeus is published as a paperback today. 
Woman of the Hour takes the lid off the TV industry. Behind the glossy exterior of the on-air programme there lurks backstage intrigues, scandal and huge egos in conflict. 
Jane, who worked as a TV producer and commissioning editor for fifteen years (as Jane Clarke), delivers a barnstorming insider's account of the private life of a​ TV station.

White Bones, Graham Masterton Competition

To celebrate the release of Dead Girls Dancing by Graham Masterton we would like to invite readers to submit a review of White Bones, book 1 in the Katie Maguire series. Let us know your thoughts on this intensely thrilling crime novel - what did you think of Katie Maguire defending her place as a woman within the crime force? Did you enjoy the landscape or characters more? Could you sleep after reading?! Let us know in no less than 100 words.

Trump, Caesar and the Mexican 'Barbarians', by Bijan Omrani

Professor Mary Beard recently commented on the comparisons which American writers have been making between Donald Trump and Julius Caesar. The parallels, she said, appealed to both sides. Trump’s enemies point to Caesar as the man who finally destroyed the republican system of Rome and ushered in an autocracy. His supporters say that Trump, like Caesar, will sweep away a corrupt and rotten system, and usher in an age of peace and prosperity.

The Lives of Tudor Women

The ruling Tudor dynasty was bookended by two princesses named Elizabeth Tudor – the one born in 1492, whose brief years passed into obscurity, and the other who dominated her era and brought the dynasty to its close with her death in old age, in 1603. Their lives are the full-stops between which countless lives of other Tudor women were lived.

Cixin Liu tours the UK

Cixin Liu, bestselling author of The Three-Body Problem trilogy, visited the UK this week. Cixin Liu's science fiction series has won him an army of fans including President of the United States, Barack Obama, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg. The series was awarded the Hugo prize for 'Best Novel' in 2015 and has been translated into English by multi award-winning author Ken Liu. The series finale, Death's End was published in Hardback on October 6th.

The Libertine, Alexander Larman

A revival of Stephen Jeffreys’ 1994 play The Libertine, about John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester, opened in London last month, starring none other than Dominic Cooper as the peerless peer. Unfortunately, Terry Johnson’s new staging of The Libertine mistakes bustle for interest and bores rather than titillates. Hobbled with a distracted and miscast leading man and, to be honest, a third-rate script, there is very little of any genuine interest to be had. 

Cixin Liu on UK tour

Cixin Liu, author of The Three-Body Problem series will be in the UK this week as part of his European tour. Commencing in Glasgow on Thursday 13th October until Sunday 16th October Cixin will be taking part in events in both Glasgow and London.

Fiona Kennedy to head children's start up at Head of Zeus

Anthony Cheetham announced today that Fiona Kennedy, formerly MD and Publisher at Orion Children’s Books, will join Head of Zeus in February 2017 as Publisher of Zephyr, a newly minted children’s imprint, which will extend and expand the range on offer from one of the UK’s fastest growing independents. Zephyr will publish its first list in the autumn of 2017.