Pickles or Jam; Mary Gibson on the life of Factory Girls

‘Wot’ll yer go fer – pickles or jam?’ This is the Hobson’s choice presented by one young factory girl to another in the 19th century Bermondsey novel, ‘Polly of Parker’s Rents’. For to choose office work or school teaching rather than factory work was unthinkable for the majority of Bermondsey girls at that time. Instead they would join the huge pool of unskilled, poorly paid female labour which kept ‘London’s Larder’ stocked.

David Essex on tour

The launch of David Essex’s book has been incredible so far with appearances on BBC Breakfast, Mel & Sue ITV, Vintage TV and upcoming on Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff. David has talked about his poems on BBC GNS, BBC Radio 2 Chris Evans Show, Becky Want Show Manchester and coming up on Stephen Nolan Show. His first signing in Manchester brought many excited fans. Check out our events page for future book signings and stay tuned for more David Essex appearances.

Histories and Stories: author Ian Ross on the background of the Twilight of Empire novels

One of the joys of writing – and reading – historical fiction is the sense of tracing the thread of a single life through the broader fabric of the past, and discovering the ways that individual people are affected by historical events. To describe the experiences of one man or woman, especially in a dramatic and volatile period, and follow them over the course of a novel or a continuing series of novels, is to sense the motion of the past and the ways that the great events and towering personalities of history influence and impact human lives.

Treachery, lust and deceit: Twilight of Empire book trailer

War at the Edge of the World is the first saga in a sequence of novels set towards the end of Empire, in the reign of Constantine, by an author who has been researching and writing about the later Roman world and its army for over a decade.

'Hugely enjoyable. The author winds up tension into an explosion of fast-paced events.' Conn Iggulden