We weren't expecting it until next week, but with intrepid chrononauts Ann & Jeff VanderMeer at the helm, we shouldn't be surprised that THE TIME TRAVELLER'S ALMANAC: The Ultimate Treasury of Time Travel Stories has arrived early. Nearly 1,000 pages long and containing over a century's worth of literary travels into both past and future, what a magnificent beast it is too. We unleash the Almanac on the 1 November in both hardback and ebook form, but in the meantime, read on for the full contents listing.




Ann & Jeff VanderMeer

Rian Johnson Introduction
Charles Yu Top Ten Tips for Time Travellers
Richard Matheson Death Ship
Geoffrey Landis Ripples in the Dirac Sea
Robert Silverberg Needle in a Timestack
Ursula K. Le Guin Another Story or A Fisherman of the Inland Sea
Alice Sola Kim Hwang's Billion Brilliant Daughters
Eric Schaller How the Future Got Better
Michael Moorcock Pale Roses
William Gibson The Gernsback Continuum
C.J. Cherryh The Threads of Time
Michael Swanwick Triceratops Summer
Steve Bein The Most Important Thing in the World
Cordwainer Smith Himself in Anachron
H.G. Wells The Time Machine
Douglas Adams Young Zaphod Plays It Safe
Stan Love Time Travel in Theory and Practice
Ray Bradbury A Sound of Thunder
Henry Kuttner & C.L. Moore Vintage Season
John Chu Thirty Seconds from Now
Harry Turtledove "Forty, Counting Down "
David Langford The Final Days
Connie Willis Fire Watch
Kage Baker Noble Mold
George R.R. Martin Under Siege
Steven Utley Where or When
Ellen Klages Time Gypsy
Garry Kilworth On the Watchtower at Plataea
Rosaleen Love Alexia and Graham Bell
Kage Baker A Night on the Barbary Coast
Elizabeth Bear This Tragic Glass
George-Olivier Chateaureynaud The Gulf of the Years
Max Beerbohn Enoch Soames: a Memory of the Eighteen-Nineties
Genevieve Valentine Trousseau: Fashion for Time Travellers
Edward Page Mitchell The Clock That Went Backward
Theodore Sturgeon Yesterday Was Monday
Kim Newman Is There Anybody There?
Joe Lansdale Fish Night
Gene Wolfe The Lost Pilgrim
Peter Crowther Palindromic
Karin Tidbeck Augusta Prima
Barrington J. Bayley Life Trap
Greg Egan Lost Continent
Adrian Tchaikovsky The Mouse Ran Down
Langdon Jones The Great Clock
David I. Masson Traveller's Rest
Vandana Singh Delhi
Tony Pi Come-From-Aways
Dean Francis Alfar Terminos
Norman Spinrad The Weed of Time
Eric Frank Russell The Waitabits
Jason Heller Music for Time Travellers
Isaac Asimov What If
Tanith Lee As Time Goes By
Geoffrey Landis At Dorado
Karen Haber "3 RMS, Good View"
Harry Turtledove "Twenty-One, Counting up "
Bob Leman Loob
Tamsyn Muir The House that Made the Sixteen Loops of Time
Gene Wolfe Against the Lafayette Escadrille
Carrie Vaughn Swing Time
Richard Bowes The Mask of the Rex
Nalo Hopkinson Message in a Bottle
Adam Roberts The Time Telephone
Kristine Kathryn Rusch Red Letter Day
Rjurik Davidson Domine
E.F. Benson In the Tube
Molly Brown Bad Timing
Pamela Sargent If Ever I Should Leave You
Charles Stross Palimpsest