On 7th November we published Dani Atkins' debut novel FracturedWe took it to the bloggers to see what they thought and the response was incredible.

At HoZ, we get to work with some fantastic digital reviewers -- the very best in science fiction, historical fiction, crime and other genres. But as our list of women's fiction and romance grows I set about getting to know some new faces. The response was great, from the biggest websites to the smallest new bloggers, everyone was very friendly and happy to support us.

Once they got the book, things really got going! Below are just some examples of the fantastic responses that warmed our hearts. Thank you so much to all.

'Fractured is by far one of my favourite books I have read this year! It just shines with brilliance! It is delicately written, emotional, heartbreaking and wonderful all at the same time.' Reading in the Sunshine

'Wow! What an amazing amazing book! Heartbreaking, magical and completely and utterly gripping! If you only read one book this year, read this. 10/10' Laura's Little Book Blog

'I loved this book and you should get it and read it from start to finish in one sitting! I was captivated the entire time and then completely blown away, left reeling afterward.' Chick Lit Central

'This book was so amazing that I dont even know which parts to mention first. Fractured definitely makes the list of my top reads of 2013.' CosmoChickLitan

'It is such a well written and enjoyable novel, I think Dani is a fabulous writer and I hope this book reaches the audience it should as it's brilliant.' Chick Lit Reviews and News

'As I turned the last page I found myself broken as it was time to say goodbye to a book that warmed my heart and intrigued my mind.' The Love of a Good Book

'I found this a really refreshing story... A very well written debut.' The Bookbag

'It's so incredibly compelling and truly beautiful. It's a love story that will stay with you forever. ADORED IT! You MUST read this.' Victoria Loves Books

'Gripping, romantic and heartbreaking. Fractured is a magical love story... it's perfect!' She Loves to Read

And we've only just begun! If you are a blogger and you are interested in reviewing Fractured, or any HoZ titles please contact me on becci@headofzeus.com, we'd love to hear from you.