My new favourite mode of transport: Ferrari? Harley? No. From now on, I shall whenever possible be travelling by open top bus. They are awesome! And what better way to see a city? We bought 24-hour tickets and went crazy – hopping on and off at will. My favourite stop was Kings Cross, which does the best day-to-night make over I have ever seen. If Kings Cross were a woman, she would wear demure clothing and subtle make-up by day, but as soon as the sun goes down, she puts on her red lippy, whips off her cardigan, dons her heels and dances on the bar. You go girl!

Exhausted from our day of sight seeing, we retired to our fab apartment in the Surry Hills district, where the boys played happily with the rubbish chute. It seems the novelty of popping in trash that drops 12 floors into a basement shows no sign of waning (it’s the little things…!) Then we feasted on hot, spicy burritos from Taco Mafia on Elizabeth Street. Handmade and bulging with chargrilled veggies, fresh salsa, rich, creamy guacamole, Mexican rice and a zingy, limey snap with every bite… delicious!

I love Darling Harbour – there is SO much to see and do. We spent a jam-packed day touring the maritime museum where the highlight was a tour given by the dashing Mr Terry Lloyd of HMS Vampire. He actually served aboard the vessel in the 60s: a fascinating man with a fascinating story to tell. We had lunch at Cyren on the harbourside, where the boys tucked into Wagyu beef burgers with all the trimmings and crispy fries that came in a natty little bucket. I gorged on homemade tapenade, which was just the right side of salty, and creamy, garlicky hummus – delish! Later we found ourselves singing carols on the harbourside before the most incredible firework display on the water – it was simply breathtaking. The Aussies know how to do pyrotechnics, that’s for sure!

Yesterday we gave into the kids’ demands and hit Bondi Beach. Wow! I spent the day gazing at the wall of waves and the surfers who stand on top of them, looking cooler than a polar bear in shades eating ice cream. Crowds of the young and beautiful thronged the beach. It was like being able to sit with the popular kids at the back of the bus (for quite possibly the first and last time in my life!)

It was wonderful to glimpse a gap year close up, to see these very lucky boys and girls, chatting and laughing in the most glorious surroundings. I wish gap years had been invented when I was young. If they had, I hope I’d have had the good fortune to end up on Bondi Beach. 

Today we have brunched at Two Good Eggs on Goulburn Street, where the food was fresh and plentiful. My halloumi and pumpkin salad with toasted almonds and a balsamic drizzle was a work of art and tasted every bit as good as it looked. Not that anyone else on my table saw it – they were far too busy filling their faces with breakfast baps that were bursting with bacon, perfectly poached eggs and bright green spinach!

In the gaps between the sights, I have been snatching time to write.  My words are flowing, inspired by the beauty of this city and the human interaction which makes the whole of Syndey buzz. At the moment, I am writing about loss. The sadness of knowing we must soon leave this city behind makes this very easy.