With 30 million copies sold, Colleen McCullough’s THE THORN BIRDS is legendary. But its not her masterwork – that accolade must go to MASTERS OF ROME, her epic, twenty-years-in-the-making labour-of-love that captures the soul of late Republican Rome in a way no other writer has ever managed. The first book opens in 110 B.C. with Rome poised on the edge of a conflict that will set rich against poor, Roman against Italian, father against son, a conflict destined to destroy the Republic but leave – in its stead – an Empire.

From the seven hills of Rome to the Sahara desert, from Britannia to Bithynia, MASTERS OF ROME is the stuff of legend: unbearable cruelty, martial brilliance, murderous ambition and heroic destiny.

From today, the first five titles are available – for the first time ever – in ebook. Here are over 5,000 pages of utterly-immersive historical fiction that will take over, and possibly change, your life. I’m far from the only person who loves these books (click here for a Goodreads review from a real fan) and was pleased to receive these quotes from two of my favourite historical novelists, Robert Fabbri and Sharon Penman:

'The Masters of Rome series is a tour de force, a brilliant recreation of the twilight of the Roman Republic as Caesar and Pompey vie for power. This is historical fiction at its finest.’ Sharon Penman, author of the bestselling THE SUNNE IN SPLENDOUR and THE QUEEN’S MAN series

‘A towering work of Roman historical fiction. Highly entertaining and compulsive’ Robert Fabbri, author of the bestselling VESPASIAN series