War at the Edge of the World is the first saga in a sequence of novels set towards the end of Empire, in the reign of Constantine, by an author who has been researching and writing about the later Roman world and its army for over a decade.

'Hugely enjoyable. The author winds up tension into an explosion of fast-paced events.' Conn Iggulden

'Ian Ross blazes in the world of Empire and legions ... This is up there with Harry Sidebottom and Ben Kane.' M.C. Scott

Centurion Aurelius Castus - once a soldier in the elite legions of the Danube - believes his glory days are over, as he finds himself in the cold, grey wastes of northern Britain, battling to protect an empire in decline. 

When the king of the Picts dies in mysterious circumstances, Castus is selected to guard the Roman envoy sent to negotiate with the barbarians beyond Hadrian's Wall. Here he will face the supreme challenge of command, in a mission riven with bloodshed and treachery, that tests his honour to the limit. As he struggles to avert disaster and keep his promise to a woman he has sworn to protect, Castus discovers that nothing about this doomed enterprise was ever what it seemed.

Hardback and ebook are out now.