Well, it’s lovely to be home after travelling hither and thither (a much underused phrase I feel!) researching an upcoming book, walking on the sand and dodging the odd swooping pelican – yes, really! They looked like Pterodactyls in flight. There was something quite prehistoric about seeing the giant birds, with their vast wingspan and huge beak plummeting into the ocean and then sitting rather smugly on the surface enjoying their spoils. They had the same look as those who vacate the drive-through car park, with chicken nuggets and chips nestling in their lap, ready for a good scoff on the way home.  Eeuuuw… even writing the word chicken nugget makes me feel a little queasy. I am as ever on a quest to eat healthier, move more and take better care of me. 
It’s too easy when I am away from home and staying in hotels or spending far too much time at airports to grab a mayonnaise filled sandwich or a bag of crisps. I am making a conscientious effort to eat clean, have been doing so for ten days now and I feel…. better! A bit zingier, which is never a bad thing, not quite sure the family would agree, if anything, I think they’d prefer me a little more subdued! 
I have been completely and utterly overwhelmed by the response to A Mother’s Story. The reviews are just incredible and I am so very, very thankful to every one who has put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard!) I have said it before, but writing can be a rather solitary occupation and to know that my stories have touched people makes all those dark hours feel full of light. Thank you. X
My new novel is now finished and out in July! Perfect Daughter is Jacks’ story. She is lovely. I really like her. A great girl, living in a slightly run down seaside town, caring for her mum who has dementia and pinning all her hopes on her daughter, to spread her wings and live the life of adventure that she didn’t have. Jacks, like everyone, has secrets and sometimes feels like she is living in a pressure cooker, smiling and trying to cope and wondering, when she looks in the mirror, ‘what happened to me? Is this it?’ I hope you like it. 
I came home from my long trip away and expected a banner, maybe a balloon, a cake, sparklers you get the idea…  Instead, it was a shrug from the teenagers on the sofa and a casual, ‘what’s for tea?’ I guess it shows that they are used to their mum disappearing and then popping up again. I miss them so much when I’m away, but for them life jogs on as normal and I suppose it shows they are confident that I always return eventually, shove on my pinny and whip up something inedible for tea! A funny old life really. 
The day I returned I had the joy of looking after my 3-year-old nephew. (Jet lag? What jet lag?) He is my one of my most favouritist things! I love his company. I spent the day either hiding under a sofa cushion so he could ‘find’ me or running around the garden with a child’s bike helmet on my head and holding a cufflink, my ‘superhero’ costume, apparently. Not sure what superhero I was, but his powers were obviously, infinitely stronger than mine, as I spent the whole day doing his bidding. He reminds me of all that is great in the world, seeing the planet through new eyes and being curious about EVERYTHING! I wish I had half of his magic. He told me that when he was older he was going to the pub to drink beer and he would take his cousin (my beautiful niece) and she could have some wine. Don’t know where he get’s this idea from! Ahem… X
The boys have broken up for Easter and I am typing up a revision schedule for them, I’m laughing as I write that. Who am I kidding? It’s actually a piece of paper that I will stick on the fridge for them to ignore and deface with the usual graffiti and for me to cry over when the hormones are on the rage and the fact that they are not co-operating! In fact, the only way it might work is if I say, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES FOLLOW THIS ROUTINE. DO NOT STUDY! I WON’T ALLOW IT! Then there is the teeniest chance that they might adhere… worth a try. I’ll let you know how it goes.
Lot’s of exciting things coming up over the next few months. A few surprises that will be popping up, can’t wait to tell you all about them! Best way to keep in contact is to check out www.amandaprowse.org and sign up for the newsletter/competitions/offers etc.… 
Sending you love and luck as always, 
Mandy xx