Today is all about preparation for the London Book Fair, you know the kind of thing, packing clothes for my days away from home… I have just seen that I still have a half packed case from last weeks excursions, which is a bonus! Now I just need to top up the toothpaste, pop a clean nightie in and a pair of flatties for when the heels start to pinch and job’s a goodun as we say down here in the West Country. 
I do however, need to write a list of instructions for the children I am leaving home alone, you know the list – 
1. Pizza in freezer. 
2. Revise. 
3. All friends/girlfriends and casual acquaintances to vacate the premises before my return on Friday. 
4. Revise. 
5. Remove all food, debris and penicillin filled coffee cups from under and around beds before my return. 
6. Revise. 
7. In any emergency other than “we need more pizza/beer” – call grandma. (I should make it clear that when I say children, they are 18 & 19 not 6 & 7 – otherwise I’d be replacing beer with Ribena, duh!) 
8. Revise.
That should just about do it. 
I am beyond excited to be attending the #LBF15 a chance to see what goes on behind the hallowed doors of Olympia. 
My three biggest hopes? 
Firstly, that I manage to find my way to author HQ in time for my panel discussion. Secondly, that I manage to speak at the panel discussion without hesitation, repetition or feeling so overwhelmed that I actually vomit. And thirdly, that there is a wealth of swag being given away, I will do literally anything for a free pen and novelty note pad. Watch this space… 
Having studied layout for the book fair, I am wondering if it’s too late to get myself micro chipped in case I get lost, or maybe I just wear a sign around my neck a la Paddington saying "Please return to owner and if in distress, feed gin" – can’t do any harm. 
Right, off for a moustache wax as I need to be prepped for all that air kissing.
Wish me luck and see you there! #LBF15